An orchestrated arrival, 15 curated gardens, spacious and functional unit layout, each with its private view, and a one-of-a-kind architectural design. Understated, elegant, 21st century luxury — this is Martin Modern, designed by the four-time President’s Design Award winning architect, Yip Yuen Hong.

On approaching Martin Modern, Yip’s signature tropical brutalist sensibilities will immediately arrest your attention and capture your imagination. It is part of GuocoLand’s deliberate strategy to create something distinctive, and Yip, known for his bold and visionary architectural statements, was the choice architect. He says of his own architecture, “It might surprise you at first glance, and because of that, it compels you to want to take a second look, … it is about creating a timeless design that you grow to love more and more the longer you stay.”

Master Architect



A four-time winner of the prestigious President’s Design Award, Yip Yuen Hong is a firm believer in functionality and simplicity and he seeks to create designs that are both timeless and explorative.

Born in Singapore, he obtained his graduate degree in architecture from the National University of Singapore. He has worked with the Housing and Development Board, and established firms like William Lim & Associates and Arkitek Tenggara II. With a vision that gives equal importance to the pursuit of creativity and innovation with productivity, he and his partner, Lee Ee Lin, founded ip:li Architects in 2002.


Since its establishment in 2002, ip:li Architects has been on a pursuit towards innovation and creativity that is aided by efficiency in approach. With over a decade of awards and accomplishments in its name, the firm continues to push the boundaries of architectural design and nurture each project throughout its life cycle.


Design Of The Year, President's Design Award 2016
Designer Of The Year, President's Design Award 2013
Design Of The Year, President's Design Award 2012
Design Of The Year, President's Design Award 2011

Q & A

What were some of your initial inspirations for the design of Martin Modern?

The area that Martin Modern is situated in has a strong historical background. It used to be a warehouse district, with large storage units towering over the green area, primarily occupied by nutmeg plantations. I wanted to incorporate that into my design to recapture some of that historical spirit.

Warehouses have a unique charm to them, in terms of the textures and the loftiness of space. We wanted to extrapolate these elements and design a development that, in some capacity, reflected on the landscape that existed before. The crowns of the two towers, for instance, can be visually compared to gutted-out warehouse structures housing a secret garden within them. The nutmeg plantations, on the other hand, give the space a lush, green look. We wanted to return as much of the greenery as possible to the land.

These were the two most important historical elements that inspired us to incorporate such raw textures and extensive greenery to the design.

What is the identity you have tried to craft for Martin Modern that sets it apart from other luxury condominiums in Singapore?

In order to heighten the sense of luxury and grandeur, we wanted to give the development an identity that juxtaposes the rawness of materials with the sophistication of design.

The exteriors of the building structures have a rugged look, which may be daunting for some, but when viewed as a whole, with the rough structures standing tall in the midst of a collage of greenery, the space becomes quite magical.

There was a deliberate effort made to orchestrate a heightened sense of arrival for Martin Modern. Could you talk more about the intent and strategy?

The intention behind this strategy ties in with our aim to create a botanical garden space in the midst of the city. Martin Modern is located in a very busy area and we wanted to create an enclave to which one can retreat. The minute you drive into the development, the tall walls, the expansive green spaces and the all-embracing plantations carry you into a slower and more relaxed world. It will be like your home being situated in an environment completely different from the outside world.

What are some of the elements in this design that speak of luxury in terms of functionality?

No matter how small the space is, I try to incorporate a sense of spaciousness. Without that, the magic cannot happen.

The lavishness of Martin Modern exists in its expanse and the views that have been created. From the size of the windows to the manoeuvring of the towers, the space has been carefully considered to deliver this feeling of spaciousness and openness.

Where, for you, does the “modern” come into this design?

The modernity in this development is not just in the use of smart technology or provision for services, but in the way the future residents will perceive the space.

“Modern” is no longer defined by material objects, but by the way we understand and perceive things. We have evolved from the stereotype of luxury in terms of materiality to a greater understanding of what it means to live lavishly. Modernity is moving forward to a luxury of space rather than that of materials and that is the approach this development introduces.

"I aspire towards designs that are timeless with pockets of delight, and above all are enjoyed by residents for years and years to come."
Principal of ipli Architects

The iconic towers of your beautiful abode call you into a world where your mind is at peace and your heart, full of joy.

Arrival Court

Verdant, inviting, immerse in your inner peace, rest in nature’s lap.

Secret Garden

Secret, silver garden the rooftop enchants and the scenery glistens.


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